Application for Jewish Gett

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The filing deposit of $100.00, check payable to "Beth Din," is enclosed, and application is hereby made by the undersigned to the Beth Din for arrangement of the gett.

Mailing address:

Beth Din
Attention: Rabbi Teichman
345 North La Brea Ave, Ste 204
Los Angeles, California 90036
Tel: (323) 935 8383   Fax: (323) 372 3574

Please bring the following material with you to present to the Beth Din:

- Personal ID, including driver's license, passport, (state ID if not licensed).

- Original Ketubah (Marriage Certificate).

- A person who knows both parties to have been husband and wife. This person must be Jewish, but may be a man or a woman, even a relative. This person's presence before the Beth Din is required for only a few minutes.

- If the parties have already obtained a legal divorce, then a copy of the first page of the Divorce Decree of the Court is to be provided. - If the parties have not obtained the Divorce Decree, but have filed for divorce, then a copy of the first page of the Filing Petition is to be provided.

- If there have been previous marriages/ divorces, the original Beth Din documentation is to be provided. Copies of Legal divorce documents, Death Certificates, etc., may be provided in lieu of originals.

- Please allow up to three hours for the Gett procedure.

- The Beth Din makes every effort to begin promptly at the appointed time; kindly do the same.

- In case of unforseen delay, notify us at (323) 935 8383 immediately.