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Kehilla provides Din Torah, Marriage and Divorce, Personal Status, and related services.

Din Torah / Arbitration
Parties wishing to avail themselves of the Beth Din’s Din Torah services may apply for consideration by returning the application for Din Torah. The opposing party is contacted and where both parties agree to binding arbitration, the Beth Din will conduct the Din Torah. Generally, three rabbis comprise the Beth Din panel; however, certain cases may be heard by just one rabbi. In rare instances, the panel may consist of more than three rabbis. Beth Din decisions are issued in writing and are final.

Personal Status
The Beth Din accepts applications for certification of personal status if required by another Beth Din or State Authority. The application and supporting documentation will be reviewed and the applicant will be interviewed, as well as the persons on the reference list. In some cases, applicants may be asked to provide additional information.

Marriages are generally the purview of individual rabbis; the Beth Din will on occasion provide marriage services in more complex circumstances.

Divorce, Custody, Property Division
Legal dissolution of a marriage must be addressed by the State Superior Court. Jewish couples wishing to dissolve their marriage require a “gett,” the procedure that dissolves the couple’s religious marriage status. Either spouse may apply for the gett arrangement. The Beth Din will proceed to the gett procedure after confirming both parties’ agreement, and mutually acceptable appointment schedules. On request of the parties, the Beth Din may agree to handle custody and property division issues between the parties, which the parties may then file for confirmation with the Superior Court.

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